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“yes, girls, it’s our fault if we strike the match to ignite our thoughts with lust, but you don’t have to pile up twigs at our feet and douse them in gasoline.” J. D. Greear 

Modesty is an attitude of the heart. When a woman loves the Lord most of all, she will rejoice in her ability to serve her brothers in the church by clothing herself in ways that don’t lay a stumbling block at their feet. When a woman loves herself most of all, she won’t.

There are times that a woman may want to serve the Lord but still fail to dress modestly. Perhaps she wasn’t ever taught how visual guys are, maybe she doesn’t think of herself as having any physical assets, maybe she is still growing spiritually. If her heart is right, she can be taught. She’ll welcome the teaching.

It’s an uncomfortable subject. Most preachers don’t want to get up in the pulpit and address modesty. I can understand why they don’t but I also think they ought to reconsider. Teaching on modesty can be done gently while still honoring the Lord’s truth. Many ladies no longer try to be an example to the younger women and girls and/or don’t think they have it in them to be a Titus 2 woman. If you are one who haven’t wanted to be an example, please examine your own heart. Is your heart right with God? Are your own clothes modest? If not, talk to the Lord about it, please. If they are, are you too busy? Too tired? Were you untaught yourself? If you are a godly lady, you’ve got something to teach and there are younger women who desperately need and even want your guidance. I was one who desperately sought for guidance when I was younger. No one ever stepped up to the plate though I did hear every single excuse imaginable why they didn’t have the time to invest in me. Don’t be one who does that to someone else.

Modesty needs to be addressed in our churches. For far too long, those in leadership in our churches have either ignored the subject of modesty or been legalistic about it. Both are extremes. Both are wrong. Let’s start with you and with me. Let’s examine our own hearts, minds and motives. Do we love the Lord? Do we really really love Him or are we loving ourselves more? Do our clothes reflect our love of Him? (Guys, this is for you too. Men can be immodest just as easily as the ladies can.) Are our clothes too costly? Flashy? Tight? Sheer? Too short or low cut? Are we trying to draw attention to ourselves? Are our main efforts on improving ourselves focused inward or outward? Let’s examine ourselves in light of Scripture and make sure we’re right. Then let’s step up and honor the Lord by taking a stand for modesty.