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Dear Single Mama,

I am so proud of you. You are doing such a difficult job with such wonderful grace. Instead of giving up your child for adoption, instead of having an abortion, instead of focusing on what you wanted rather than what she needed, you are here, loving her, pouring out your life for her, giving her your all.

Or maybe circumstances were such that you couldn’t. You couldn’t keep him but you still did your best. You didn’t destroy him, you let him live. Out of love for your child, you broke your own heart in order to give him up to another family who could love him and provide for him when you were sure you couldn’t. How amazingly unselfish. You are so worthy of praise!

O sweet Mama, you probably never expected to be in this situation. After all, what little girl dreams of growing up and becoming a single Mom? None that I know of, yet so many end up being just that. You might be like my Mom, running from a dangerous man, trying to make a new, safer, life for herself and her little girl. You might be like the daughter of my best friend who found herself in a difficult situation but who chose to rise to the occasion with every ounce of courage she had. You might be like a new friend of mine, a single Mama of two amazing children, working, homeschooling and raising them all alone after her ex- decided he wanted to be just that: her -ex. Whatever your situation is, I applaud you for handling it with grace. So many balk at being a mother yet you’ve willingly taken on one of the most difficult jobs in the whole world and you’ve done it alone.

Being a mother is a hard job but it’s also the world’s most rewarding job. To feel those little arms around your neck or those sweet lips kissing your cheek, there’s just nothing like it. You hold your child’s heart in your hand. You are the molder of their future. Your little guy needs you to be strong and faithful. You little girl needs you to be the kind of Mom she will want to grow up to be. Your little ones, and your big ones, need you to point them to Christ every single day. Just remember you must lean on Christ. Follow Him. Obey Him. Trust Him. When you are weak, He will be your Strength. When you are overwhelmed, He will be your Rock.

Being a Christian single Mom is all about Christ. It’s about seeking Him, believing Him, obeying Him and trusting Him to carry you through. By His strength, you can do it. You can run the race. One day your children will praise you.

One day, if you are faithful to Him, Christ will praise you also.

Meanwhile be on your knees in prayer. Stay in His Word. Pour out your needs to the Lord. Follow Him every day. Pour out your life to your children. Love them every day. You will be greatly rewarded.

With much love and admiration,

a grateful sister in Christ



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