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It’s that time of year when the Internet explodes with articles and videos intending to stem the tide of Christian girls headed to the beach or pool wearing “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis.”

Of course, many of these resources are valuable. Some of them even offer new insights into the modesty discussion — but even the best of them miss about half the population, and by “half-the-population” I mean the half that wears low-rise swim trunks to the pool. That’s right, I’m talking about men.

Now in previous years this omission might have been lost on me. But I’ve received enough emails from frustrated girls to make me take this double standard seriously: Christian guys expect girls to be modest, but hardly give a second though to their own modesty.

This is strange. Women may be shedding clothes this time of year, but so are men. Why are we only talking about female modesty? If modesty is important then it is important for all Christians. If it isn’t important for men, then why all the fuss about women? If it is important for women, why the silence about men?

Is it because guys can’t be immodest?

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