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A truly godly woman leaves off pursuit of the world’s definition of beauty and charm, casts aside the longing for wealth and fame, refuses to deal in self-comfort and pleasure, ignores the decay that this broken world offers and without waiver follows only Christ. It is His Word alone that matters. His glory alone that she seeks. It’s not a comfortable position, it’s one without personal honor and glory. One that will get her laughed at and ignored. That’s why there are so very few truly biblical women. And that’s why there are so few worthy teachers of biblical womanhood. Christian womanhood, as promoted by many churches today, is anything but truly Christian. We’ve so obviously lost our way. Of course, it isn’t just the women to blame but we’re more to blame than most of us want to acknowledge. “If only the men would lead…” we say, more than willing to pass the blame to our brothers, “then…”.

Then what? I’d like to ask. Then we think we’d follow? We’d listen? We’d be more than we are? Maybe. Certainly some Christ-exalting male leadership would be a welcomed change in most churches and in many of our homes. Still we can’t blame the situation entirely on our brothers. We’ve failed also.

We’ve failed to seek Christ as our all-in-all and only. So very few of us have been or are willing to lay aside worldly pursuits for the pursuit of the only One Who is truly worthy of our time and efforts. Blindly we pursue work, fame, fortune, comfort and acceptance thinking it will fulfill us, never realizing just how badly we are missing the mark. In our Christian lives (because we often separate the one from the other) we embrace any and every new supposedly Christian trend, every new teacher, that comes along and rarely do we take the time or make the effort to search the Scriptures for ourselves to see if what is being dished up is in accordance to the Word and will of God. That’s why there are so many teachers of the likes of Sarah Young, Ann Voskamp, Beth Moore or Rachel Held Evans. Publishers blindly print their teachings. Readers blindly read them. And believe them. Almost no one is willing take enough time in prayer and in God’s Holy Word, to determine “What does the Lord have to say? What does He desire? What honors Him?”

So how did this come to be? We lost our first love and, in the process, invited the world to come into our homes, our churches, and get comfortable. Because of that we now face a distressing situation where extremely few Christians are concerned only for the glory of Christ. Christianity then becomes what we make it, not what God says (for, as so many will say, who can really understand the Bible, anyway?; or, it’s just all so old-fashioned, you know?).Thus real biblical womanhood is more often than not a thing of the past. What is left of biblical womanhood often gets so confused with following rules and regulations that it gels into legalism. Or we throw it into a horrifying mix along with each and every new Christian trend that comes along until we have something more worthy of the devil than of God.

Thus I find only a smattering of women who are actually prepared to lead their sisters into a knowledge of  the Holy things of God. Only a few who actually care about Truth. Instead I see lists, plans, groups and goals. Books, articles and speeches on sex, egalitarianism (and why the term biblical woman is passe), organizing, money, setting goals, depression, happiness and everything else under the sun (and not all of these are wrong to write about…it’s just that they are pretty much all that’s getting written about and, without Christ, they are nothing). Teachings on almost everything, in fact, except Christ Himself. I see far too many women (one would be too many) who claim to write and teach about the things of God all the while admitting that they “don’t know the Bible very well” or “have trouble maintaining a consistent prayer life”. I see teachers, writers, speakers and bloggers who are more than willing to lay out what they “think”, “believe” or “hope for” for themselves and for their sisters in Christ all the while basing their teachings on popular trends or what they think their readers want to hear. Rarely are their teachings resting securely upon the foundation of the Bible itself. Truly the landscape for biblical womanhood, and its teachers, is bleak and depressing.

Sisters, if we aren’t pursuing God as the One pursuit worth our time, our devotion, our effort and our love, we’ve got nothing. We’re achieving nothing. Our lives are worth less-than-nothing. And we have nothing worthy of being taught. Nothing worthy of being listened to.

Titus 2 womanhood, biblical womanhood, Christian womanhood or whatever description we wish to use must be firmly grounded in a knowledge of our Savior, a steady unyielding faith built upon an ever deepening knowledge of the Word and a prayer life that is so much of a part of us that we pray as naturally as we breath. In other words, true Titus 2 woman is borne of complete, unyielding, devotion to Christ in each and every aspect of our lives. Without that we’ve got nothing.

Without that we are nothing.

With it, we’ve got everything worth having. If more women would spend their lives in the pursuit of the only One Who matters, we’d have more godly women. More Titus 2 women who are able to teach the next generation. Saner families and better churches. It takes one to start. Will that one be you?