Sometimes, when everything is going wrong in our lives, it feels as if we will sink beneath the waves if we are not careful. If WE are not careful. It sounds good, rather modern and self-helpy, but it’s wrong.

The issue isn’t whether or not WE are careful, or what we do, or how hard we try. The issue is, are we willing to acknowledge that, there are times when we can do nothing whatsoever to change things, to improve things, to heal things. Times in which WE can do nothing at all.

The issue at these times is, are we willing to look at the One Who can do something? Are we willing to look at the Lord of the waves rather than looking at the waves themselves?

Sometimes, when the waves crash the highest, it seems as if the waves will overwhelm us, will, in fact, cause us to lose sight of the Lord, leaving us alone and disoriented. That is when we must remember, the Lord really is Lord of the waves and that they, like everything and everyone else, bow to His command. Then we must rest in that trust.

God calls us to this kind of active, child-like, yet fierce, faith. To trust in Him even when nothing makes sense. To believe that all that He has said is true and all that He does is good. Even the waves, even as they seek to overwhelm us, are for our good and for His glory. He truly is Master of them and, because of that, we can trust in Him. The waves are never out of His control and we are never out of His sight. In this we can trust and because we can trust in this, we can rest securely. He is in control.