Sometimes God gives His children a present:

the beauty of a sunrise,

the splendor of a sunset;

a puppy’s smell,

a kitten’s mew;

a child’s laugh,

a tiny hand in yours;

a time of love together,

enough…simply enough.

Tonight my Lord gave me a gift surpassing so many others:

someone I love with no limits,

someone whose words and ways have hurt me deeply,


At times like this, the sweetest words ever are:

“I’m sorry”


“I love you”.

Tonight I heard both…

and I cried.

God’s gifts come at times we least expect them to.

Tonight, when I least expected it,

mine arrived,

tied up in words

that made my heart sing.

So now, before all, I offer Him my praise,

praise for this gift,

this precious gift,

of reconciliation.