As a Christian woman who tries hard to live what she believes living in a secular society that casts dispersions on the Lord I serve and a mother of many in a child-hating world, I’ve had more than my share of slander for being too rigid. One expects that from a secular society, but from the church? Shockingly, the worst of the attacks upon me for living my beliefs haven’t come from without the church but from within.

It’s been fellow Christian Moms that have seen fit to condescendingly ask me (over and over and over and over) if I really don’t realize what causes thatThat being my nine children. Well, when I think about it, why, yes, I think I do know…and I think it’s none of your business.

It’s been other Christian teens and often their Moms (and, sadly, sometimes Grandmothers) who have given me and my girls the hardest time about our desire to dress modestly: Don’t you know we have Christian liberty? That we’re free through grace? Since twisting Scripture is plain wrong (not to mention dangerous), hearing this blatant–but very much accepted–assault on good, solid, biblical hermeneutics (over and over and over and over) just makes me sick.

It’s been the women (younger…and older) at church who have caused my sons to have to walk into the worship service with their heads down, their eyes averted, just to be able to keep their thoughts focused on God, their motives pure. Since these are my sons we are talking about…well, you’d best not get me started.

It’s been other Christians…period (young and old, male and female) who get nervous and twitchy when I (and other rigid folks like me) make it clear that we take God quite seriously and, because of that, some things just aren’t allowed, some beliefs must be held, some standard of conduct observed. Oh, the posturing they do! Sad. So, so very sad. 

I could go on but I don’t think I need to. The thing is, these things are wrong and shouldn’t be but, since the church has confused itself with the culture, they are. When we peel away all of the beliefs that society has shared with the church and dig through all of the beliefs the church has accepted as a way to be relevant to society, we’re left with a bunch of people living a pale, powerless belief system rather than a bunch of God-fearing folks living and teaching pure Christianity. The adherents of such call themselves Christian but, according to Scripture, they aren’t.

Is this harsh? Maybe, but it’s also the truth. God’s Word is clear that, if we are His children, our lives will be different from they were before we were saved because, by His grace and by His power, we will live to please Him. Yet, all around us, we are surrounded by those who call themselves by His Holy Name but still live, look, act and dress like the unsaved, carnal people around them…and demand that others do so also. And, out of ignorance, confusion or fear of being labeled intolerant many Christians (especially the younger ones or those younger to the faith) have, for a time, in some way, backed off, shied away from the battle and blended in. These things ought not to be. Brothers and sisters, the shame does not lie in being labeled intolerant (or rigid or old-fashioned) by those who only pretend at Christianity; the shame, from the standpoint of Truth, lies in being tolerant of sin in any form at all. It is in this as it is in all things: God, and God alone, Whom we must please. May we, by His grace, repent and start today.