My son was on his way to pick up his brother from a late night shift at WalMart a week ago today. The hour was late, the streets mostly deserted. He slowly approached the bridge as a traffic light changed to yellow and then to red. The change was rapid and he came to a halt. A moment later the unthinkable happened. A loud crash, a jolt and then shocking realization: he had been hit.
A policeman approaching the intersection from a side street saw the whole thing. Quickly on the scene, he checked for injuries which, God be praised, there were none. Then he checked for damage. The news wasn’t good: both cars had taken quite a beating. Then came the interesting part: the other driver had no insurance. Soon, it was discovered he was also drunk; subsequently, he was arrested. Another sad, but interesting part: since my husband is now working in our soon-to-be new town (we’re moving in less than two weeks) and he has our car, my son was driving a car loaned to us by a friend.
So here we are: a terrifying late-night call (my first as Mama), a wrecked car, a drunk who wasn’t insured and now, due to the car needing to be repaired, we are car-less as of today. On top of all of that, there is a $500.00 deductible that will most likely fall to us to pay even though the wreck wasn’t my son’s fault and, due to my husband’s long unemployment (he was only recently hired and hasn’t yet received a check…and we’re moving), I have no idea where it will come from. Where is God in this?
Where is He? Just where He always is: on His throne. God is God even when everything goes wrong. Is it awful, this wreck and the problems accompanying it? Yes, to us, it is. But to the Lord, it is just another step in our letting go of this world and learning to trust in Him alone. See, this didn’t just happen, it happened according to His foreordained plan and according to His mercy. Our worldly trials and troubles are nothing when compared to what Christ suffered on our behalf; they are also nothing compared to the growth in Christ-likeness that accompanies them (if, of course, we are His and we trust Him).  I guess that’s the main thing: Trusting in the Lord. We fail to do it so often because we don’t know Him and we don’t trust His character. Weare to blame for our lack of trust in Him and we ought to be ashamed.
The Bible is filled with Red Sea moments: those times when, if God didn’t act, it wouldn’t get done. Our lives as believers today are also often made up of Red Sea moments. Question is, do we have the faith that the godly men and women of old did? Can we trust Him to act? If we don’t, the failure is ours due to a lack of trust rather than His for not being trustworthy for, no matter what happens, no matter how bad we might perceive things to be, God is always trustworthy. He is always in control. And He always acts: not always as we think it should be done or in our timing but as He knows it ought to be done. And His action isalways for His glory and for our good. That doesn’t mean everything will be smooth but that everything will ultimately be alright. Right now more bad things have happened to our family, things which we had no control over but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust the Lord or that He isn’t worthy of our praise. God is still good no matter what. He is still worthy of our thanks and of our praise even though all of this has happened. He is still God and, due to His mercy we have learned to depend upon Him even more (for surely we can’t depend upon ourselves). God is good and because of that we have many more reasons to praise Him today.
May He be glorified forever!