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Several times through the years I’ve heard the question, “Where are all of the good men?” More than once, I’ve heard women and young ladies say, “I’m looking but I can’t find them.” To  you, I pose my own question, “Where are all of the good women?”

I have one of the good men right here in my home (and others coming along behind him). My oldest son is a good and godly young man who has never given himself over to modern culture, who isn’t swayed by peer pressure, who has never dated. One who, by the age of 13, strongly felt the need to prepare to be a godly leader, a good husband, a great dad. Though a man by all standards, he is a good son. He comes home at night (yes, he still lives at home) and lives a quite life. He’s a man who loves God and is preparing to preach His Word with boldness and grace; a man who has been thought strange because he prepares for the young lady who will be his wife…and waits. More than one person has tried to set him up on a date, almost everybody is shocked by the fact that he has never dated (never even came close) but still he waits for the one God has for him.

His desire is for a woman who loves God more than she loves him. He’s got his heart set on a woman of the Word who is also a woman of prayer. He is waiting for a young lady whose life is counter-cultural because it is based on Truth. And, as a great big bonus, he’d really love a young lady who can cook (and do it well)! As a bonus for her–when he finds her–he can cook, too! (This guy likes good food!)

You young ladies who ask, “Where are all of the good men?”…I’ve got several of them right here, in training, waiting for you. There are other Mamas just like me, raising up our boys, teaching them to live for God, to value purity and goodness and to wait for a woman who does likewise. All around us is a sea of immodestly dressed, sold-out-to-the-culture, live-for-the-moment, life-is-for-fun, girls. Many of these girls claim to be Christian but they aren’t living it. A lot of them are asking where the good guys are, wondering why one hasn’t snatched them up. If this is the kind of girl you are, please understand: this kind of girl isn’t the kind a truly godly young man wants. If you remain on this pathway, you aren’t going to get one of the treasures.

If you want one of the good men, one who is preparing to be a godly man, a good husband for you, then prepare yourself to be a good and godly woman and wife for him. Don’t go looking for them and don’t panic (let them find you). Wait, prepare, trust God. They’re there. I’ve got several of them right here (of course, some are pretty young yet…five and nine are way too young to be husband material…but one day). Some of mine are ready, some are getting ready and some are still playing with trucks and trains but one day…one day…each and every one of them is going to make some young lady a really, really good husband. Because my sons are good, godly men (or good-and-godly-men-in-training) they are, or will be, worthy of good and godly wives. They aren’t perfect but they are forgiven and they are grateful for grace. They are God’s men, God’s boys. And they are preparing…for you…to serve you, love you, to lead you. They are preparing to be a husband to the glory of God.

Are you likewise preparing? Are you willing to separate yourself from the culture and wait for the one God is preparing for you? Are you preparing, through a life given to God, to study, to prayer, to be a good and godly wife when the time comes? Are you preparing to be a wife to the glory of God?

Will you be prepared to be one of the good women these good men will be looking for?

Meanwhile my oldest son continues to prepare and to wait…as do his younger brothers, as do other godly young men…for the one who, by God’s grace, is preparing and waiting for him.