Today is packing day Number Two. Yesterday was packing day Number One. Somewhere out there is packing day Number Thirty (or Forty or Fifty). {{sigh}}

We’re moving. Two little words filled with such busyness. I regularly dejunk twice a year and I’m not a packrat by anyone’s definition yet it always seems that when a move comes along there’s just way too much stuff to go through before we can pack.

Yesterday we cleaned off the back porch which is used as a play/storage area and I started going through clothes and books. Today we have more to go through on the porch, many more clothes to sort through and many books to make decisions about: hhmmm, does this book go with us, go to the thrift store, get thrown away or can I sell it on Amazon? For a large homeschooling family books are the hardest part about moving. There’s just so many of them accumulated over so many, many years. Sometimes its hard to let them go. This time I must as they are one means of raising the money needed to accomplish this move. After all of the clothes and books and stuff on the porch, then we get to go through everything else God has granted unto us.

God has granted us so much. There’s stuff, yes, but that’s not what I mean. Not all of God’s gifts are things. Sometimes His greatest gifts come in the form of difficulties, impossibilities and trials. At times, unless you really know Him, it can be difficult to realize that you’ve been given a gift because the gift is demands so much of you: so much prayer, so much study, so much faith, so much trust, so much willingness to follow Him wherever He goes even when you cannot see the way yourself. Even when the way is terrifying.

We’ve been the recipients of these kinds of gifts for the last six years. Years that go way beyond the two years my husband spent unemployed. Back then, back about six-and-a-half years ago, I asked the Lord to give us a problem so big that only He could handle it. He did. Today we’re still dealing with it. It wasn’t just one thing but an endless series of things that just go on and on and on, like waves crashing endlessly upon the shore: during this time we’ve dealt with job losses (more than one), miscarriages (ditto), two wayward teens, betrayal by beloved friends, betrayal by close and trusted family members, character attacks in the form of lies and baseless accusations, various health problems in various family members, a cancer scare, endless moves following after jobs (this will be the fifth move) and biting poverty…among others. In light of these things, packing days are easy.

Right now packing isn’t all we’re doing: we’ve got two weeks to find my husband a room that we can afford and get him settled in. Then we’ve got to figure out how to get us all moved to where he is so that we can be a family again. We’re not quite sure how all of this is going to work out. But we do know one thing: God can be trusted. The way is dark, yes, and we still can’t see but after more than 2,000 days of not seeing and following Him anyway, I know Him; I know His character and I know Him to be both a great God and a good God. No matter how dark the pathway, He deserves our trust: He knows the way even though we ourselves do not. So we’ll follow Him no matter where He leads because, somehow, someway, He will make a way to get my husband down there…and to have us follow Him.

Meanwhile, if you have a great idea for raising a bit of money in a hurry, I’d love to hear it!

For now, I’ve got to get packing.