As times get tough, and tougher, I always hear ladies saying how they are worried about the bills getting paid.  They wonder how in the world it will get done if their husband loses his job or takes a cut in pay.  They look at the numbers and say “It doesn’t add up!”  (I have been there too.)  Then they think they have to do something about it.

Well, they are halfway right.  We do need to do something about it.  But it is not the solution I see many coming too.  The solution is not for the wives and mothers to leave the home and take up the man’s job.  The solution is not to say, “Okay, honey.  I know it is hard to make money right now.  Let me go out and make some too.”  No, as wives and mothers, we play the supporting role to our husbands.  We need to say, “Okay, honey.  I will be extra careful with expenditures.  Let’s see what bills we can get rid of.  I will adjust our meals to ones that are more budget-friendly.  I’ll be sure to stay home as much as possible so we aren’t using gas unnecessarily.”

Men need to work.  And when the women go to work for them, they get lazy.  They lose the drive to provide for their families because the wives are doing it.  Why would he have to work hard if his wife is bringing in an income outside the home?  Why, he can even add some more bills to the pile because she’s taking up some slack!  A husband will most likely not see the seriousness of a financial situation if his wife traipses out to find a job.

As Christian women, we need to follow the commandments set forth by Almighty God, even when times get tough (1 Timothy 5:14).  We need to not fret and fear when our husbands have a hard time finding or keeping work.  We need to make sure he has clean clothes for work, good meals on the table, and a loving wife who is supportive of his God-given leadership.  We also need to remember that God will provide the means for us to fulfill our roles and for our husbands to fulfill theirs.  

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