I went to a Christian ladies luncheon once. The tables were beautifully set, the food delicious. Ladies were all dressed up as ladies on that day. Pretty pink and white, lovely reds and purples, flowing fabrics, lacy dresses…just lovely. We had come together in the name of our Lord to be edified both physically and spiritually. Things went well at first. We ate. We talked. We laughed. Information about life and family was exchanged, small talk made. Jesus wasn’t mentioned much (if any) because everyone wanted to talk about what was really on their minds: their favorite subject–themselves. But, really, that was okay (not really) because the spiritual food was coming.

Plates were cleared, hands washed, dessert served. Someone got up and prayed. Someone sang (and very well, too). The lady doing the introduction approached the podium. Oh, it was a beautiful introduction. You knew…you just were certain…that this lady she introduced…this giant in the faith…was really going to fill us. Well. She did fill us. In a way, at least. As she made her points that, really, the life of a Christian woman is like a box of chocolates, she passed around chocolates so that we could experience for ourselves what she was talking about.

The Christian life is like a box of chocolates? Hhmmm. Somehow, Paul seemed to have over-looked that one. A race is what he described it as. In fact, looking all through Scripture, I can’t really find anything that even comes close to her description.

Now, before you get me wrong, I am all for analogies. I use them all of the time (well, at least sometimes). That’s fine. Use them, but, please, if you are going to make an analogy relating to the Christian life make it spiritually meaty.  If I am dressing up and coming to a ladies luncheon expecting to be edified spiritually that is exactly what I want. Don’t give me any feel-good-theology or felt-needs-mumbo-jumbo. I want truth. Hard hitting, heart-breaking truth.

Truth be told, I want to talk about Jesus. Before, during and after. Instead of, “How was your week?” ask me, “How is your prayer life?” Then, when the speaker gets up, I want her to go even further. We ladies can handle truth–the meat of the Word–we don’t need just the candy of the Word.

In fact, we don’t need Spiritual candy at all. If you want to be cute, be cute at a four year old’s party rather than attempting it where Christians (some of whom have been Christians for decades) are gathered. It’s one thing to tell a story or a joke. It’s another when that is all that you offer. So, instead of telling me that my life is like a box of chocolates (when I don’t really like chocolate at all), tell me that I am a sinner; tell me my precious Savior died for me; tell me about the Cross. Always tell me about the cross. If you are there to edify me, leave the cuteness (and the candy) on the shelf and open up the Word and do just that.

Until next time,

God bless,


Soli Deo gloria