Our society does not value women or the biblical role of a woman. Only as a woman leaves the place given to her by God to take on the role given to men is she applauded by the world. Sadly, what is true in the world is also true in a church taken over by secularism and worldliness.

“Women want to make a difference but most go about it in the wrong way. Our culture will not be impacted for good by women who choose to ignore God’s clear teachings on womanhood in order to take on men’s roles; our culture will only be impacted for good as godly women, and godly men, return to the roles given to them by God Himself.

May God be pleased to raise up godly Pastors and Elders who will take a stand for biblical truth no matter how unpopular the stance; may He also be pleased to raise up godly women who take their roles as women, wives, mothers and teachers of the next generation of women seriously.

Here is an excellent sermon by Jeff Pollard on godly womanhood for your consideration:

Scripture is Sufficient for Woman\’s Ministry Part 1 – Teachers of Good Things