What does it mean to be a Dad?

When one thinks about burdens and responsibilities, what comes to your mind? Perhaps a world leader such as the President? A CEO of a large company? A hockey goalie standing tall in triple overtime in game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs? How about a Dad?

Think about what it means to be a Dad…

  • Leader: He is called upon to be the guiding force of the family. Now I am talking strictly from a godly point of view, not a humanistic one. He has the burden and responsibility to lead his family from one day to the next. He is responsible for not making mistakes even though he most assuredly will. He knows that any mistake might have disastrous consequences and can set in motion a chain of events that can have eternal implications.
  • Daddy: What does it mean to be a Daddy? To be that guy who stands out from the crowd to his children? Than larger than life image of strength, love and guidance? The one who attends all tea parties, baseball games, concerts and those dinners when the children cook the meal and you’re never sure what’s being made back there. This is just part of being Daddy.
  • Provider: He knows that it takes money to feed, clothe and house children. And especially when he has boys, he knows they will eat a lot of food. He shoulders the burden of making enough money to supply their needs, no matter what they might end up being. He will do anything to make sure they are cared for. He knows full well their worth and would do anything for them.

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