One of the ways I believe we can examine our children’s fruitfulness is their “heart” attitude in all that they do. Some questions to ponder:

  1. Do they love God above all else?
  2. Love His Word, music, worship, praise, people, church, activities and application of Christian world and life view to everything?
  3. Do they want to spend “quality” and “quantity” time in the things of God?
  4. Do they want to please their parents and do what is “just and proper” in the sight of God?
  5. Do they have generous spirit and giving heart?
  6. Do they obey those that rule over them, including their parents?
  7. Do they respect their elders and those older than themselves?
  8. Are they kind, tenderhearted, humble and forgiving?
  9. Is their love shown in what they say and do?
  10. Do they love God more than the things of the world, i.e., the lust of eyes, flesh and pride of life?
  11. Is God in their future plans in education, career and marriage?
  12. Have they made public profession of faith, exercised their faith and witness to others of their faith?
  13. Are they obedient to the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper?

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