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The Lord always brings man to a place of brokenness. He requires utter reliance upon Himself. There is no other way. There is no other option.

I have been taught that weakness is a sure sign that you don’t know who you are in Christ. For you would never confess you are weak if Christ lives in you because He is not weak. There is some truth to that, of course. However, over time, I have personally found this type of thinking plants such a garden of pride because you forget that it is not you who is strong – it is He and He alone.

We must never forget, and I’ll even go a step further to say, we must constantly be reminded that we are nothing without Christ. We need to be reminded of the state He found us in. We need to be reminded that if He were ever to remove His grace from our lives for one second, we would instantly become that wretch of a person all over again. Sin crouches at the door. It waits to make its move upon us. Our only protection from its repulsive grasp is Christ Jesus. Our only safe refuge is Christ Jesus. And Christ Jesus must be everything.Everything!

There is such a depth that we are missing from our lives today. We say we want the power of God to manifest, but you know not what you ask. There is a price to pay. You may argue, “No, no…Jesus already paid the price for me. Now all I need to do is enjoy the life He’s provided.” How dare you presume upon the Lord’s mercy! How dare you flippantly spurn His sacrifice! How dare you ignore the cross that He has commanded every believer to bare!

There is a price that must be paid…and it must be paid by you. Oh, I know. This is not a popular message and my own camp may hate me for it. I may be called an extremist. But friend, study it out yourself. Just for a moment, set aside every teaching you have ever heard and really look at what the Scriptures have to say. Search them out for yourself. Read every verse in context. Does it really mean what we have been taught it means?

My friend, listen to me. In our worship services, when a song is played that alludes to the fact that we must utterly rely on Him, does something inside you not burn? I know that it does. I see people reaching their hands in the air as if in desperation…and then…they forget. They forget what the Spirit of God was trying to get across to them. They go about their lives and no work of brokenness was wrought in them.

There is no other way! We must be utterly broken to realize we need Him for everything! Everything!

“Oh, there goes Holly being negative.” Negative? Negative?! If so, then I’ll join all the negative ranks of those who have gone before me. For every godly man, that we call great, was constantly broken before the Lord. You think they obtained a good report by lusting after power? NO! If they received a name upon this earth, it is because they remained humble before the Lord. They never thought themselves to be anything.

Am I suggesting we go around depressed? NO! Brokenness does not work depression in you! Brokenness works such sweetness in you that can be brought no other way.

Where is the fragrance of Christ found? By our prosperity? By our health? By our words of wisdom? I tell you no. It is birthed in the secret place of prayer – allowing the Lord Christ to tenderly break us and mold us into what He wants. Oh, it’s painful, my friend. It’s painful to see not only what He wants you to become and the road you will have to walk to get there, but also it is painful to see how, what you call little mistakes, grieve His heart so deeply. Only then, can true beauty be found. Only then can His fragrance fill the room where you stand. O my friend, there is no other way!

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