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I love sunrises. I never miss one if I can help it. Lately, the weather hasn’t been the best and I haven’t been able to help it. So this morning, used to not being able to meet the sun, I almost missed God’s gift to me.

Just a few minutes ago, I left my work at the computer and headed into the kitchen. It’s just about time to get my son up and off to work so I went in to set things in order. I was busying myself around the coffee pot, doing this, doing that.

That’s when I saw it.

Red. Orange. Gold. Streaked across the dusty blue sky.

I was captivated. Immediately I headed outside.

I listened to the sound of busy cars carrying busy people…way off in the distance.

I watched squirrels dancing unhindered across tree branches.

I drank in the lone call of a bird.

I was amazed (as I always am) by the stark beauty of dark bare trees silhouetted against the rising sun.

Mesmerized by the beauty surrounding me, I praised God for His glory.

Most people miss sunrise. They are either too busy to take the time or they are sleeping away one of the most glorious times of the day. That used to describe me, too, but no more. These days, I rarely miss one. Most mornings, I leave my study and my writing and head outside just as the glorious display begins. I stay to watch it play out. This morning, used to having to miss them the last several mornings, I almost forgot.

Thank God, He didn’t let me forget.

This is part of my time with Him alone. Time to pray. Time to worship Him simply because He Is.

Time to be amazed at the glorious beauty of the world He has created.

Time to thank Him, once again, for the gift of a sunrise.