Do you ever get overwhelmed? Over-scheduled, over-tired, run down, worn out?


Silly question…right?

Of course you do. There’s just too much to do. More than you want to do…or maybe you want to do it all…but you just can’t.

You just can’t.

After all, you are just human.

Just one woman loving others enough to go on trying when you are just too tired, too overwhelmed, too stressed to try anymore at all.

A word of advice?


Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Fill the roles God gave you. Look in your home…first…and be who you need to be to whoever needs you to fill that role. Then stop and look unto Him…and rest.

If necessary let housework (and all of the hundreds of other things you just have to do) go for a while so you can get the important things in order.

So you can take the time to know what is truly important.

If you aren’t married, look at the role, the place, that God gave you and fill it in a way that honors the entirety of Who He is and of what His Word says…and then rest.

All other roles are secondary.

Let friends fend for themselves while you catch up and learn to rest. If they are truly your friends, they will be in the background applauding you! If they don’t understand, you don’t need them in the first place.

Remember, you are no good to anyone if you are dead…or even if you are just dead tired.

Learn to rest before being overwhelmed takes its toll.

Let someone else take over everything else while you focus on the things that God gave you (and you alone) to do. Everything else can wait.

This moment with your family can’t.

This day of living in obedience to God will never, ever, come again.

Every single road we travel down has a bend. Each one will change…just a bit down the road…even if you can’t see it now, it’s coming.

Your husband will age. Your children will grow up. Your family dynamics will change drastically in just a few short years.

Very short, very fleeting, years.

Then everything you know will be different.

So for now, today while you still can, while it is the same, treasure this moment God gave you. Do enough but not too much. Love God by loving those He gave you. Serve God by serving those He gave you.

And rest.