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Today we start back our school at home. My students, ages 5 to nearly 18, are pretty well geared up to go. Mama won’t be deterred and they know it. Question is, do I know it? I’m ready…and I’m not.

I’ve been homeschooling a long, long time now and sometimes it seems like it will last forever; when I think of that, I get tired and I’m not ready at all. Most days though, I know the truth; what seems forever today will be gone tomorrow…forever. My 5-year-old will soon be my 18-year-old and my years of homeschooling will then be completely over…forever; and though I’m okay with that, I know that there are things I will miss. There are also things that I will gain along the way. This, like most things, is a trade-off. But, for now, today, this moment of starting back to homeschool…with a Kindergartener and a High Schooler and with all of my students in-between, is mine. I will rejoice in it. I will praise God for the moment, for the love of my children, for the chance to teach, for the fact that He blessed me with these children, that these precious little ones (and big ones) were entrusted to me…if just for a little while. I will thank God for the hunger for learning that burns deep within my students…well, deep within most of my students. There are those…. And they are worth it.

I will praise the Lord…for in this, as in all things, He is very, very good.

My Father has blessed me with something that not many women today have: the chance to give birth to, to raise, to love and to teach, 9 precious children. The task is daunting and often nearly overwhelming…but it is filled with so very much love. I couldn’t ask for richer blessings than those which He has given to me…in these sweet homeschool days.