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When moms get together it isn’t unusual for them to gravitate to the single topic that all have in common: their children. Hopes, dreams and fears for their children are shared and examined with tidbits of wisdom being offered up and grasped with desperation. “Who will my child be when she grows up? Will he be successful? Will they make a lot of money? Will she be popular? How can I prepare her for a lifetime of healthy living? Will he be happy?”are some of the usual topics bantered back and forth. From a human perspective these things make sense. From a heavenly perspective most of them do not matter.

As a young mother a couple of decades back I, too, bantered similar questions around. I read every single thing that I could find on how to have a well-adjusted child, how to prepare them to be successful adults, how to ensure their ability to fit in with their peers. Later, after much study on the subject, I even advised my oldest son, then a little boy, on how to prepare and invest so that he would one day be able to retire as a millionaire. I saw no problems with these priorities. Raised in the church and a faithful attendee, I was simply doing, studying, preparing as other moms that I knew were doing. Once these things seemed so important.

All of that has changed. I’ve changed. Driven by the Lord time and again to my knees, each time I found there new priorities, new hopes and dreams for my little ones (and for my now not-so-little-ones). I still want my children to be successful but the kind of success that I long for them to have is the kind the world despises: I would rather their soul prosper than I would any other aspect of their lives. The health that I am most concerned about is that of their soul. The only ones with Whom I am concerned that my children seem “well-adjusted” are with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for no one else truly matters. And, I figure that fitting in with their peers is out also unless their peers happen to be going all-out to live only for, and unto, the Lord.

I long for my children to be despised and hated by the world and its people for if they truly live right in God’s sight the world will hate them. I still would love for at least some of them to make lots of money so that they have lots of money to give over to God’s use (the sin isn’t in making a lot of money, the sin is in keeping a lot of money for yourself) but only after God has created in them a hatred for the things that this world has to offer and has given them a deep and reverenced love for Him and His people and a hunger to help reach the lost. I also want them to know at least some time of utter financial dependence upon the Lord. It is an amazing sight to see God provide what His children need but cannot get for themselves and I want them to experience that.

I now know that happiness, like pleasure, is fleeting and can be manufactured for a moment by things so inconsequential as to be sickening. It is joy that I would rather my children know for if the have joy in the Lord then they will know the only true happiness that exists in this world: that of being at peace with God. I long for them to be so attached to God that nothing else, nothing at all, matters; so much so that their world can be rocked and they themselves remain calm and secure.

It is my prayer that my children, whether called by God to preach His truth or simply to humbly live it out day-to-day, are bold in their proclamation of God’s Word and live as fools for Christ always and in all ways. I pray constantly that when Christ returns He find members of the Wood family (perhaps many generations removed from this one) still faithfully living and proclaiming His Word. To that end, I pray that millions of souls be given unto my family they we might be instrumental in teaching them the truth, helping to bring them out of darkness and into God’s marvelous light and edifying them by the faithful proclamation/living out of His truth. Millions of souls seem but a small thing to ask of my Lord Who can do all.

My hopes for my three precious girls (and any future daughters through marriage to my sons) is that they be beacons of light to other women, faithful wives who stand by their man no matter what he is called by God to do or to be, who help their husbands to be faithful to God in the management of their homes, who love their husbands and their children selflessly, who raise their little ones to boldly love and obey God, who are models of biblical womanhood, who take the high road and stand for modesty in an immodest world, who faithfully teach those whom God sends their way. For my sons (and any future sons given to me by marriage to my daughters), I pray that they might live to please God alone, that they be bold and courageous in the standing for and in the teaching of His truth, that they lead their families well and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done without fail, that they love their wives and their children both through tender words and by daily action. I pray for sons who will be men that other godly men can respect and trust. I pray for sons who will do whatever it takes to live a martyr’s life and who will be brave in the Lord if they are ever called upon to die a martyr’s death (the same could be said for my daughters). I pray that my children and any grandchildren (or any great-great-…grandchildren) will glory only in knowing God, understanding God and in the cross of Christ for, in the end, nothing else matters.

I tell you these things because I wish someone had guided me to pray along similar lines long before I discovered the need to on my knees. Maybe, for me, it was the best way to discover them (the Lord knows how dull of hearing I can be, how hardened my heart was–even though I myself had no idea; back then, I was so sure that I was right, so positive that I was serving Him). Still, moms who love God supremely need to go all out in loving each other, too, and for me that partly means that I try to teach what I wish that I had learned both earlier and easier. I leave you with a prayer that you, my reader, might seek to know God alone and live in Him through Christ so that He knows you; I also pray that you might love your children enough to give them over unto God so that He might have the glory in all that they do and all that they are. And, finally, that your family might be so strong in the Lord that millions might come to know Him/grow stronger in Him through you and them and that, if we never meet here on earth, we might one day meet in heaven where we might eternally glorify God together.

Have a God-hungry, God-filled, God-blessed day.