Before praise comes Truth.

The Truth is: God is All.

Nothing else truly matters.

In the end, when all is ended, He will remain.

He has chosen to reveal Himself to us.

We, for the most part, have chosen not to listen.

Or, if we do listen, we choose to interpret Him our own way,

as if we had the right.

In the beginning, there was God.

In the end, God alone will remain.

The question is: What do we do with Him now?

If we are wise, we will praise Him,

fear Him,

worship Him,

love Him,

obey Him.

Most of us aren’t wise.

Most of us will seek to explain away His commands.

Most of us will try to live as if He doesn’t matter.

Most of us do not have an eternal mindset.

Most of us will pay for our rebellion in that Great Day.

We ought to praise Him always;

we also ought to obey Him.

Most of us live life praising ourselves and each other.

Most of us live our lives obeying our desires.

Most of us are wrong.

He alone is worthy of our praise,

our obedience,

our devotion,

our adoration,

our lives,

our souls.

He alone is worthy of all that we are.

He is worthy because He Is.

He is worthy no matter who we are.

He is worthy no matter how hard life is.

He is worthy because He is God.

He is worthy because He IS The Great I AM.

He alone is ALL.

He alone is worthy to be praised.

He alone.

Before praise comes Truth.

God is TRUTH.

God is more beautiful,

more worthy,

more glorious,

than our human minds can even begin to comprehend.

The Truth is that He alone is Truth,

He alone is worthy.

Know Him,

Obey Him,

Praise Him.