• When a man in his desire to please his appetite, does not do it with a view to a higher end, that is to say to the preparing himself for the service of God, but does it only for the delight itself.
  • When he looks more eagerly and industriously after the prosperity of his body than of his soul.
  • When he will not refrain from his pleasures, when God forbids them, or when they hurt his soul, or when the necessities of his soul call him away from them.
  • When the pleasures of his flesh exceeds his delights in God, and his Holy Word and ways, and the expectations of endless pleasure.
  • When he had rather be at a play, or a feast, or other entertainment, or getting good bargains or profits in the world, than to live in the life of faith and love, which would be a holy and heavenly way of living.
  • When men set their minds to scheme and study to make provision for the pleasures of the flesh, and this is first and sweetest in their thoughts.
  • When they had rather talk, or hear, or read of fleshly pleasures, than of spiritual and heavenly delights.
  • When they love the company of merry sensualists, better than the communion of saints, in which they may be exercised in the praises of their Maker.
  • When they consider that the best place to live and work is where they have the pleasure of the flesh.
  • When he will believe or like no doctrine, but “easy-believism,” and hate mortification as too strict “legalism.”
By these, and similar signs, sensuality may easily be known; indeed, by the main bent of the life.