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We’re going grocery shopping tomorrow. That’s good because the cupboards are getting bare (and so is the fridge and the freezer). We’ve still got enough but we won’t have for long. Shopping day is just around the corner and it is time for me to sit down and make up our shopping list. That’s the fun part…it’s also the hard part. How do I balance needs with “Mama, can we have this soon?” or stay within dietary guidelines with cheesecake staring me in the face (no chocolate for me, please)?

As with everything we do, we are to grocery shop as unto the Lord, for His glory, by His wisdom and in a way that will glorify Him.

Can we really purchase green beans to God’s glory? Or, forego ice cream for watermelon and, in doing so, do it as unto the Lord?

Yes, I believe that we can.

When we, as wives, homemakers and mothers, bury ourselves in the Word of the Lord, when we pray and seek to align our will with His, what we do for our family is a natural outpouring of our time with Him. When we pray better and study better, we shop better…naturally.

Coveting candy is just as bad as coveting a new car. Splurging on the soda you want but do not need is just as wrong as splurging on a new dress that you want but do not need. Still, there should be moderation in everything and so it is in grocery shopping, also. Moderation says, purchase the soda but only for a once-a-week splurge (but make it diet, please). Plan the supper-yummy fun suppers for family night and save the meat loaf and mixed vegetables for Sunday dinner. Plan simple, inexpensive meals such as soup, omelets, sandwiches or salads a couple of times each week. In all things…balance…balance…balance…and do it to God’s glory.

Don’t buy ice cream if you really cannot afford it (not even for a special once-a-week purchase). Don’t convince yourself you deserve it (or anything) simply because you have had a bad week. Purchase necessities first, plan well (taking your families money, needs and likes into account) and then, if something is left over, plan something fun. Homemade cookies are fun and, if they are simple, they are much, much cheaper than ice cream. Homemade brownies are simply delightful and equally cheaper than ice cream (and, no, I do not consider a fudgy brownie to be in the same class as yucky chocolate).

We have a big family (and I consider them to be one of my greatest blessings); we don’t have a tremendous amount of money. Living at home, I have a hubby, my oldest son (21), two teen boys and four children…put together, they can eat a lot. To shop well, I have to plan well. That’s what I’m going to be doing today.