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While waiting
As a bride-to-be
I heard God firmly speak to me
To cast aside the world’s device
And become a living sacrifice

Namely, that my womb should bear
The ones He planned to cradle there
And that no humanistic creed
Should limit my fertility.

Oh, how I wrestled with that word-
So unusual,
So absurd!
Could God?
Would God take control?
And what would His requirements hold?

After much debate and doubt
I threw my own decisions out;
If God can measure earth and sea,
Can He not chart a family?
And if He names and numbers stars
Then in His book is each of ours.
We therefore gave to Him the right
To build the house and take the charge.

A mother now
With nine on hand
By faith and grace I have no plan
But cast aside the things that kill
To let His number be fulfilled.