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O Thou, O Lord, Thou alone Who art all, I come before You in my hour of need. I can do nothing, Father, the walls are insurmountable and I see no way out.

O Thou Who didst create the heavens and the earth out of nothing,

O Thou Who didst cause Your people to cross the Red Sea on dry ground,

O Thou Who didst deliver Daniel from the paws of the lions,

Thou Who didst deliver Thy people from the hand of Egypt,

Thou Who doest cause the stars to shine night after night,

Thou Who didst deliver Thy people through the Jordan River on dry land,

Thou Who created such beauty in my own backyard,

O Thou…

Thou Who art all that is,

Thou Who art all that I could ever want,

Thou Who art everything,

Thou Who art worthy always and in all ways even when our circumstances art crushing,

O Thou, O Lord…

I come before You now in worship and in praise…

Thou art all, my Lord, Thou art all, O my God.

O Lord, Thou Who didst sacrifice Thine only begotten Son as a payment for my sins,

O Thou Who hast loved me and showed me how to love, help me, I pray.

My Father, I long to honor Thee in all and if the way of trial is Thy continued appointed pleasure for me, it is that which I, too, desire;

but, if there is a way out, if there is a way that I might turn, change, grow, a way that I might serve Thee,

that Thy glory and Thy holiness might be honored by providing a pathway where now is none, then, Lord, it is that that I would ask Thee for.

My times are in Your hand for it is in You that I trust.

I will love Thee forever no matter what tomorrow brings…

It is in and through and by Thy precious Son, Jesus, that I offer up my prayer to Thee,

In Him always,