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I think you’re making a big deal over nothing,” Landon said. “Sarah is going to feel uncomfortable if you make her dress different from the other girls. A regular swimsuit is fine! She is going to be swimming, Sarah, she isn’t meant to be fully dressed. Why do you have to make such a big deal out of everything?”

Marcie started to respond but was halted by the searching eyes of her 15-year-old daughter. Part of Sarah wanted to please her mother and part of her wanted to be like everyone else. Marcie could see the struggle written on her face.

Marcie wilted inside. She knew that, due to Landon’s stance, she had a battle looming before her. Being like everyone else would, in the end, simply prove irresistible to Sarah.

When men aren’t led by biblical commands, they become followers of the culture that surrounds them. When a man bows to the whims of the world rather than to the Word of God, he is at the mercy of a people gone mad. This is bad enough if he is single, it is devastating if he is the head of a family.

Man was designed by God Himself to be the spiritual head of his family. He is responsible before God to lead them well. For the generations grown up on popular entertainment and modern mores, the dedication to the truth of God’s Word is sometimes nebulous. When one hasn’t been taught that the Bible is the foundation of all truth and, as such, ought to be the guide for all that we do, it is easy to be swayed. It then becomes normal to view the Word of God through the lens of modern culture rather than the culture through the lens of God’s Word. Christian piety is then sacrificed on the altar of modernity. “Hath God said?” becomes “But He didn’t really mean….”

Little girls depend on their fathers to help define them. If he treats her as worthy, she will one day seek a man who treats her as worthy. A Dad who encourages his daughter to dress immodestly in order that she might “fit in” is doing his daughter no favor. He is encouraging her to esteem herself, and more importantly, God, too little. Giving her few, if any, boundaries on her clothing makes it easy for her to make the wrong choices. When she then dates the kind of boys such clothing will attract, many dads are shocked and wonder what happened. He cannot see it was his lack of godly leadership that led his daughter to make poor choices.

Dads have long been asleep. A walk into the doors of the local church will reveal much about the integration of culture into a group meant to be set-apart for God. The shedding of clothing among those who claim to be Christian, shows that, while the lamb of God is proclaimed, however weakly, it is another god that is truly served. That god, whether it be the god of popularity or the god of self, cannot save. Dads had an obligation to prevent this kind of mutiny against a holy God. They failed.

A girl attired in sexy clothes will begin to see herself as sexy. So will those around her. This will have a devastating impact on how she is treated throughout her life. A good man wants a certain type of woman. A boy of questionable quality wants another type altogether. It is a dad’s obligation to actively prepare his daughter to be a good woman who is worthy of a good man. One way to do this is to be actively involved in helping her choose clothing that glorifies God. Dads should never buy into the lie that fashion is neutral. It isn’t. There is no neutrality anywhere in this world. What is not of God or for God is against God. Fashion that glorifies the body isn’t glorifying the Creator.

It is the father’s job to know the Word of God and to actively proclaim it to his family. He is responsible before God to make sure that his standards for his family are pleasing in God’s sight. It is so easy to fail in this. Dads often look around and give up. Other men who ought to be fighting, aren’t. The church doesn’t take a stand. Fashion is blatantly sexual. His daughter is pulled by the drifting tide of worldliness. What is a man to do? He is created by God to lead his family according to God’s standards. He is to do this even if no one else does. Too often he looks the other way and leaves the guidance of his daughters to his wife. This is sin. He compounds it when he then interferes with her efforts to guide her daughter in dressing decently.

Dads have a God-given responsibility to stand in the gap for their family. Are you standing in the gap for yours?



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