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The other day I had a down day. Much has been going on lately and I am tired. I believe in praising God in all things. I practice it, also. Trouble is, not all around me either believe it or practice it and their discouraging words sometimes get me down.

This was one of those days. It seemed like each time I turned around something else would happen and in my worn out state, I’d start crying all over again. Not buckets of tears, mind you, but tears none-the-less. My husband and I had driven to Dollar Tree to pick up some things our family needed and I was just getting out of the van when I felt tears threatening again. I turned and walked in front of the van so that my husband wouldn’t see and question me. I had no good answer, really. ”Oh, no, honey. I’m fine, I guess. Everything is just all too much for me because it is too much for others.” Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

We had parked about five cars out and I was walking on the grass in front of the parking spaces. I’d passed our van and maybe two others when I looked down at the ground in front of me. Scattered among the grass were these absolutely gorgeous, amazingly tiny, little purple flowers. Their beauty caused me to slow down to see them better. They were even prettier up close.

It was obvious that God had sent me a blessing. Here in a parking lot in front of a nondescript store, God showed me the beauty still to be found in life. He stopped me in my tracks by the obvious care that He had taken in the design of these beautiful little flowers. He also reminded me of the care He had taken of me by getting my attention so that I could be blessed by His gift.

I was blessed. I entered the store with a smile on my face and I came out with one, too. In fact, the rest of the day passed pleasantly. No more tears from me, no more complaining from others. I had been blessed and I knew it.

I am still being blessed by the memory of this. The God of the universe used some tiny little flowers to brighten my mood and lighten my load. He’s amazing, my God is and He’s oh so worthy and trustworthy. All we have to do is remember that.

Until next time why don’t you look for your own little purple flowers and trust in Him Who never fails?

In Him,


Soli Deo gloria!