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When I started homeschooling so many years ago I had visions of sweet days spent with my little ones with them soaking in the knowledge that I lovingly and wisely bestowed upon them.

That vision lasted about one day.

The truth of the matter was that they didn’t want to learn on most days and most days I didn’t really want to teach them. Oh, I had the best of motives. I desired to do a good job and I really did love being with them. Trouble was, at that time, I was frequently pregnant or was the mommy of yet another new-born little one. I was tired all of the time and rarely felt good. I wanted to do a good job so I sought out advice. I was told “be mean to them.”

Be mean to them? I wasn’t sure what that meant but whatever it was, I sure didn’t want to do it. Looking back what I think that this mom meant was this: be firm with them, discipline them and yourself to know the job before you and do it, be consistent, do what has to be done, do it when it has to be done, do it whether or not you or the kids feel like doing it. Wow! Now that I can understand…but “be mean to them”? No, didnt’ then, don’t now.

Homeschooling is up and coming and has been for some time now. More moms are doing it because the public schools are places where you wouldn’t really want to send an enemy for 12 years (that is, if you are a Christian)–why would you want to send your gentle and loving little one into such a den of iniquity? Not me.

That’s why I homeschool. I couldn’t stand the thought of my little ones living day in and day out in such places. I want my children to love God and His ways. I want them to be godly and feminine little girls and godly and masculine little boys. I want them to know what they are good at and know how to use it for God’s glory. I want them to enjoy learning. I want to know my children and enjoy them while there is still time.

Homeschooling is hard work. It is work done through much prayer only. It is work that frequently gets you laughed at and ridiculed. It is work that causes others to say, “You know, I could never do that. It’s great that you can” which leaves you on your knees before God begging His grace for you know that you alone can’t really “do that”; it must be done by God Himself. Homeschooling is a work of love for me: love for God and His ways and love for my children. My children don’t always appreciate it but perhaps one day they will.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of the best advice on homeschooling that no one ever shared with me. Hope you don’t miss it.