“A genuine man of God does not even try to come to an easy accommodation with our decadent society. At great personal cost and at the risk of being very unpopular he will dare to be ‘a voice in the wilderness,’ the prophet of his generation calling people to repentance.

“Such a leader is not intimidated by his contemporaries. He is called of God to noble service, and he does not draw back from his duties. His people cannot muzzle him. The world cannot silence his message. And the enemy trembles, for he is a man of truth. He does not hesitate to challenge others to follow Christ at any cost. Nor does he delude them into the false belief that it is easy to be the Master’s man. He will urge his fellow pilgrims to count the cost of following Christ. He will enable them to see what a glorious honor it is to be a child of the Most High.” – W. Phillip Keller