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All of life is spiritual. All that we love, all that we possess, all that we dream of has a spiritual nature  to it–not in the end but at its very root, at the beginning. Thus every choice we make, everything that we choose to do or not to do makes a statement of who we are in the spiritual realm. What do we dream of? What possesses us? What do we strive for? What do we love most of all? In moments alone, when we can choose to think on anything in the world, where do our minds return? We must know the answer to these questions for then we will know ourselves and know our relationship to God.

God desires that we release all that we have to Him. It is a sweet surrender and a safe one. God, in all of His glorious attributes, can do what we cannot: possess in safety. Things that we hold tightly will, in the end, turn on us and corrupt us; what we release to Him becomes that which He uses to further His Kingdom, thus ensuring it becomes both a blessing to us and to others. People that we hold onto become idols that twist and destroy our spiritual lives; no one, not a family member nor a celebrity, deserves to be first in our hearts, thoughts or in the dailiness of our lives. No one who understands the consequences of being first in someone’s heart would ever want the burden–it is a heavy one for then we have become a god to that person and, uncorrected, destruction looms on the horizon. Our dreams, turned God ward, become real and true in a way that we have never known before. When dreams sprout in, and grow out of, truly spiritual ground, their fruit is assured. We succeed only as it pleases God and as we succeed we grow in godliness.

Our lives are safe only as they conform to God’s will. Many argue that we can never really know the will of God: these people obviously haven’t read the Bible. God lays His will out very, very clearly. It is in loving Him that we please Him. While most of us know that, few of us know what this love really is. This love is a singularly focused love that releases all to the One that is loved, it is a love that esteems all else as nothing for the pleasure of having the One, it is a love that bows down in obedience and rises up in service. It is a love that combines the best of action and of feeling. There are those who will claim we love God only as we obey Him: the Pharisees thought this, too. There are those who say that it matters not what we do only that we feel love: these confuse a hyper-emotionalism for love that loves to the death–the one is that of a passing fling, the other will willingly lay down its life for the One loved. True love for God becomes our reality as we lay down everything before our Lord and become a living sacrifice unto Him: it is then that He possesses us and in possessing guides us in truth and in righteousness. It is through these lives that the holy Scriptures become real to the church and the world.

There are many today who think they love God; their lives state otherwise. There will come a time of testing to all of us: how we come through it reveals the true nature of our love for God. When all that we have is gone is God still enough for us? When the ones we love forsake us are we content in the love that never will? Are we willing to live and die for God? Are we willing to daily release our lives into His hands? Do we consider our dreams, our family, our lives safer in His hands than in our own? True love for God expresses itself in sacrifice: daily there shall be more of Him and less of me. This love keeps on loving, keeps on obeying, keeps on serving until, at last, it can truthfully be said: all of Him, none of me.

Until next time, rest sweetly in Him Who is your life~

God’s blessings!!


Soli Deo gloria!!