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My kitchen window sill is full of rocks. Brown ones, black ones, white ones, there is even a slightly pink one! Rocks spread from one end to another.

I have a little boy who loves to bring me rocks. Where others may see just a rock, he sees beauty in the ordinary.

This same little boy also brings me bird feathers and leaves. He loves leaves. He is fascinated by the varying shades of green that our Lord put into them. He loves to feel them, smell them, hold them up to the light and study them. He rejoices in the ordinariness of God’s precious gifts. He sees gifts everywhere.

This little boy is eight years old. I pray that when he is eighty, he will still see Gods precious gifts everywhere and share them with others.

So may I, oh Lord, so may I, also!

Until next time~~go get a rock or a leaf and really, really look at them: they are beautiful!

In Him,


Soli Deo gloria!