What is the worst thing that you can imagine happening?

To some, it is something like what happened in Haiti.

To others, it is a loss of money, of fame, of “success”.

To some, it may mean the death of someone held dear.

I’ve given it a lot of thought and this is what I think:

It will be if, when I come to the end of my life and I stand before my Lord to give an accounting of what I’ve said, done, who I have been, He says to me, “One life stumbled because You didn’t love me enough; one soul faltered because you failed to represent Me appropriately; you lived incorrectly because You didn’t know Me; you gave up everything of Me for everything of temporal value rather than the other way around; you sought to please the world rather than seeking to please me; My only Son suffered more than was necessary due to the way you have lived; you have failed Me.”

I want my life to be a life lived totally unto, for, because of, through, of, in and with God.

I want to eat His Word, long for His Word, hunger and thirst for His Word, cry for the beauty of His Word.

I desire to be before Him in prayer; to not have enough time to pray for all that needs to be prayed for; to weep in prayer, to agonize in prayer…for the lost, for the church, for my family, for friends, for the government, for the sinful nature that is mine.

I want to be a servant of others without asking to be served in return.

I want to live so that others may look past me and see Him.

I want to teach so that others may seek Him.

I want to love so that others may know Him.

Anything else is failure.

Until next time~

Blessings in Him!

Soli Deo gloria!