God never takes something from us unless He intends to give us something better.

He never says “No” unless the no is the exact thing we need to hear.

He never makes a mistake.

His intention is to fit us for heaven.

To be fit for heaven we must be fit for Him.

He will take everything from us that He has to in order to get us to that point.

He takes material possessions from us in order that we will not trust in the fleeting joy things provide.

He takes money from us so that we will never love or depend upon wealth.

He takes people from us so that we have only Him to turn to.

He takes reputation from us so that we may not feel that we are someone with something to offer.

He takes health from us so that we may not depend upon ourselves.

He backs us into a corner so that the only way out is Up.

He leads us into a dry and barren place so that we may call out to Him in repentance and trust.

When we do, He leads us into green pastures.

He brings us to brokenness so that He may bring us to wholeness.

He draws love for the world out of us as a doctor draws pus out of a festering wound.

Only with the pain comes the healing.

It feels like failure.

It feels like emptiness.

It feels like abandonment.

It feels as if everything is over.

It isn’t.

When there is no one but Him to turn to, we are in the very best of all possible places.

When we finally realize that there is nowhere else to go and no one else to go to.

When we want only Him–

it is then that we are the richest of all people.

For to have Him and have nothing else is to be most blessed.

God reduces us in order to increase us.

He impoverishes us in order to enrich us–

with Himself.


Until next time,

wishing you the blessings of brokenness.

God be with you.


Soli Deo gloria!