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God uses no one whom He hasn’t broken. There is no room for compromising. He who would not spare His only Son the horror of the Cross will not spare His earthly sons the terror of the flame of purification.

Being purified is painful. It requires sacrifice, surrender, loneliness. It requires that we let go of all that is not of God.

Do we even realize how much we hold onto that is not “of God”? Do we know very often we make excuses? How often we fail to distinguish the holy from the profane?

We just expect that God will accept it. Somehow, He Who is holy, holy, holy is expected to accept our sinful pleasures and give our excuses a pass!

How mistaken we are.

There is no playing celestial handball with God. The ball isn’t first in His court and then in ours. The ball is always in His court. He always wins the game.

That’s the way it should be and that’s the way it is. There is no choice.

The psalmist asked “Why do the heathen rage?”; we could also ask “Why do those who claim His high and holy Name rage against the God they claim to serve?”


Do we not know better? Do we not care?

Can we simply not stand to be inconvenienced in some way by God? Is He a burden to us?

That’s the way that many of us act.

His ways are always right. His law is always perfect. His ruling are always justified.

How easily we forget that. Like a little child we whine when we don’t get our way. Like a toddler raging against a nap, we rage against restrictions. Like a teen rages against rules, we, too, rage against our Father’s ways.

Still He is good.

Still He says “Come”.

The “Come” comes with a price, however. We will obey. We will submit. We will love Him will all that we are, all that we have.

To do otherwise is to commit spiritual treason and to be worthy of death.

To not “Come” is to doom ourselves to eternal punishment.

There is only one way out: absolute total surrender, absolute total devotion, absolute total obedience.

We lose. He wins.

When He wins, we win. When we win, we lose.

He will take us through the flames of the fires of purification. He will break us. He will destroy anything and everything in us that is not “of God”. When He is done, He will stand back and look into our lives and see the beautiful and glorious reflection of His Son.

We who are vile, who are worms, who are nothing will, finally, be beautiful.

The road to beautiful is the road of brokenness. When we travel it, we find our way Home.

Until next time, God bless you all,


Soli Deo gloria!