Celebrations are a reminder of good times past and better days to come. It  need not be elaborate or expensive. The food can be plain, the surroundings simple. If there is love and a humble meal, it is enough.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many moms are stretching themselves beyond their physical, financial and emotional reserves. Moms don’t need to wear themselves out, nor is there need to break the bank, in order to make good times better. What matters is the love they shower on their family through their efforts. Simplification is all important.

Contentment is a necessary part of preparing to celebrate. Many times people have held celebrations in the depth of deprivation. The need to celebrate is great and feasting can be done very simply. As such, it needs little to accompany it. True feasting is an art form; it is about making do with what you’ve got, seasoning correctly, cooking with good technique, presenting it beautifully and not feeling somehow “less than” as you serve your family a well prepared, albeit simple, meal in humble surroundings. Even soup and bread can be festive if served in a handsome ceramic bowl by candlelight.

As Thanksgiving approaches, with Christmas not far behind, simplify as much as possible. Plan your holiday shopping, decorating and cooking so that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg (or your sanity). Hold back a bit so that when it is all over, you aren’t depleted. Your family will need your efforts and your expressions of love just as much the day after Thanksgiving as they will during it.

With this holiday season upon us, schedule time to relax. Do enough but not too much. Shop enough but not too much. Cook enough and eat enough but not too much. Practice moderation in all that you do. Most importantly, praise God in everything.

Until next time~~

Take care of yourself and your family.

God be with you and be praised in all!


Soli Deo gloria!