This past week-end my family and I went back in time.

My husband is involved in living history and, due to his participation as a blacksmith (something he really does) in a historical re-enactment,  he was able to get all of us in for free. He introduced us around and showed us what was what. Oh, the sights we saw and the tales that were told! We met (and talked with) ship’s captains, American Indians, Davy Crockett, American soldiers in the field, French troops and Andrew Jackson!

We walked and walked and walked…and then we walked some more. We met and talked with a little Indian boy who had earlier in the day killed a turkey (for real!) with his bow and arrow (thus securing dinner for himself and his grandfather). We saw soldiers marching in formation, heard the sound of muskets firing and the roar of canons and listened to bagpipers as they played haunting tunes. We saw a fort attacked, watched a group of Indians dance and talked with historical greats. We visited with merchants from the past who proudly showed off their wares. For just a few dollars, my children sampled old-fashioned treats such as maple sugar candy and rock candy. One daughter bought a wooden fan, one son a wooden sword. For a brief time we lived in the past and partook of the things that made our nation great! By the time we were ready to go, our minds were full, our bodies tired, school was complete and over half the day was spent.

Being there did something to all of us (as it has done each time we have ever attended such an event). For the rest of the day my little girls were ladies and my little boys were brave soldiers. Our two oldest sons (at home)  decided that they, too, want to “dress out” and join those folks who, for just a brief moment in time,  play the part of a living, breathing someone, perhaps obscure but none-the-less very important, from our nations not-too-distant glorious past.

Until next time,

God bless you all,


Soli Deo gloria!