Have you ever come to a point in your life in which you simply had too much to do?

Not that you have over-scheduled,

not that you are overly optimistic,

not that you want too much,

but…plain and simple…there is simply too much for you to do so that it is impossible for you to get it done?

I read once that God never gives us more to do that we can get can get done and I guess in one sense that is true…there is only so much that we can get done in a day and our Lord would not hold us responsible for not doing that which we can’t…; however, in another very real sense, I think that it is entirely possible that God gives us more to do than we can get done.

Why would I say such a thing?

Because I believe with all of my heart that it is true.

Think about this:

what about those who are frequently ill, or who have some dreaded disease, or a mommy with many little ones under five? What about the people who live in impossible circumstances and have to work, work, work just to make it through and yet there is still so very much to do at home?

Are you going to tell them that God never gives them more to do than they can get done?

I don’t think so.

A mommy with many under five may take good care of her children and get supper on the table but is her house as clean as she would like it to be? Not likely.

Someone who is frequently sick may make it through the day and get things done but it’s unlikely that they will have the energy to do everything that they can see needs to be done.

What about someone who has cancer? or arthritis? or liver disease? Does life suddenly slow down so that they can get everything done? No, unfortunately, it doesn’t.

When our lives are out of control…not because of something we ourselves have done…but simply because that’s the way things are for us…right here…right now…and there is nothing we can do about it…that’s the time to simply stop and praise God.

Praise Him.

Worship Him.

Tell others how beautiful He is.

See, when things are out of our control…they are never out of His…

things may be messy,

our houses may be a wreck,

supper may be from a can or a frozen box of something…again,

babies may be put to bed with many kisses but too few stories one night…or several nights,

clothes may be washed but not ironed,

your blog may not be written on,

that book may go unread,

your hair may be frizzy and makeup non-existent…

but that is all okay.

Too much with us is just right with God.

He sees our hearts,

He sees our efforts,

He sees our desires,

He loves us anyway even when we don’t quite make it as far as we want to.

His grace covers a multitude of sins,

His grace also covers a multitude of “can’t quite get to its”

God is good always and in all ways…no matter what our circumstances are.

So, even when our lives are overwhelming and seem as if they are falling apart…

they aren’t, not really.

When we have too much to do and we simply cannot do it all…despite our best efforts…we have a choice to make…

are we going to whine and complain? Or, are we going to praise God simply because He is?

When we are living to please Him…when He really is everything to us…don’t you think He knows it?

Little is much in God’s hands.

The same God Who could multiply the loaves and fishes to feed multitudes can multiply our efforts…or multiply grace to us….

If we are truly His, and truly living for Him, and doing all that we do “as unto the Lord” then it’s in His very capable hands to do what we cannot.

He will either do it…by giving us the ability to get more done than we ever thought we could…or by blessing us with someone else’s efforts on our behalf…or, He will make it all alright that we didn’t manage to do what we thought we needed to do.

Just because it is there and it needs to be done…doesn’t mean that it has to be done.

Some things can wait…even when we don’t want them to have to.

Some things can wait…even when we don’t think they can.

What can’t wait is praising God and loving your family, your friends, your church….

So, when you can’t do it all, don’t.

Simply pray and then do what you can and leave the rest up to our beautiful and very capable Lord.

May He multiply His grace to you today.

Until next time, girlfriend,

Soli Deo gloria!

See ya,