I love babies. I love everything about them…their sweet smell, warm hair and tiny giggles.

I even love changing diapers.

The way I see it, we are blessed to be enabled by our Lord to serve these little ones who cannot serve themselves.

They have no way to make themselves comfortable…they can’t nurse themselves, wash their hands, change their outfits or cause themselves to burp. If these things are going to be done, they are going to be done by someone else.

Usually, by the Mom.

This is a blessing. In the sweetest way possible we are getting to learn to be a servant just as our Lord was a Servant.

Wow! God lets me practice being what His Son was…and I get to enjoy it, too! Plus, I get rewarded by the sweetest smiles in the world, to boot!

So, the next time your little one needs a diaper change, smile, thank God for letting you practice servanthood and head for the baby wipes.

Until next time, be blessed!

Goodnight, ya’ll!